Forest Fire Management Victoria, (FFMV) plan to burn 11,000 hectares of Glossy Black Cockatoo critical habitat in East Gippsland over the next 3 years, 2024 – 2026.

Glossy Black Cockatoos are Critically Endangered in Victoria and listed as Vulnerable nationally. The 2019-20 bushfires burnt through 64% of the species’ modelled habitat. 26% of their habitat was burnt by high severity fire.
The unburnt coastal forest between Lake Entrance and the Snowy River is the heartland of the Victorian Glossy population, which numbers only 35-40 individuals.

Glossy Black Cockatoos have an extremely restricted diet. In East Gippsland Glossies only feed on the tiny seed from the cones of Black She-oak trees. She-oaks are highly sensitive to fire. Severe fire kills the trees and even low intensity fires trigger She-oak cones to open and shed their seed. Glossies do not feed on seed on the ground. Young She-oaks take 5-20 years to produce viable seed. Cumulative planned burns will dramatically reduce the available food supply of the Glossies.

FFMV has repeatedly stated to GEG that they will not exclude all she-oaks from planned burn operations and in fact FFMV intend to target i.e. ‘fuel reduce’ she-oak stands.
FFMV planned burns pose a serious threat to the recovery of the Glossy Black Cockatoo population post the 2019-20 bushfires.

Click on links to Backgrounder, Planned burns list & Vic gov (DELWP) report below.


Contact the state and federal ministers Conservation Regulator and FFMV staff below.
Demand FFMV stop burning the habitat of critically endangered Glossy Black Cockatoos in East Gippsland
. Use info above for your email.

Steve Dimopoulos MP – State Min for Environment
Phone: 03 862 43101

Jacinta Allan – Premier of Victoria
Phone: 03 9651 5000

Tanya Plibersek – Federal Min for Environment
Phone: 02 6277 7920

Office of Conservation Regulator – Kate Gavens

Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Gippsland 

Tambo District Forest Fire Management Officer – Mick Beckers (currently on leave till September)
“For forest fuel management enquires within the Tambo District please contact Forest Fire Management Officer Brett Walker on 0439 187 348”