Stockman Mine

Stockman mine located 30 km East North East from Omeo (and 20 km east of Benambra) is operated by Independence Group (who took it over from Jabiru Metals). The original Benambra mine was operated by Denehurst. Main deposits are copper and zinc but also contain gold, silver and lead. When Denehurst went bust in 1998 (forfeiting their environmental bond of only $150,000) Austminex had the option to take it over but plunging metal prices turned them off and by 2001 they walked away leaving the mess to DPI – The sudden closure of Benambra Mine in 1998 left the area in need of remediation –

The Recovery of Montane Swamp Complex After Bushfires in Northeast Victoria 2003 outlines the toxic tailings from the mine and the extent of surrounding swamps destroyed.

Ted Ballieu had shares in Denehurst:

With the rising of metals prices Benambra mine now rebranded as Stockman Mine is back on the cards –

Updates on the Stockman Mine can be found at the Mountain Journal (Environment, news, culture from the Australian Alps).

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